WIFE CLASS PETITION: power down of BOTH Rokisha Eloris Cutno internet sites.

WIFE CLASS PETITION: power down of BOTH Rokisha Eloris Cutno internet sites.

Rokisha Eloris Cutno has sought after for years to victim on and benefit from men and women have been just seeking to help their own families, through her $30,000 spouse college system that she’s utilized to have rich. With this right time she has dealt cash underneath the table, masking her company as a household run donation spot to have rich. She’s got guaranteed individuals courses and items that she failed to deliver after gathering funds from her clients. She’s got deactivated her people courses which they have actually compensated their hard earned cash for then forcing over and over repeatedly to produce her with evidence which they paid, she’s blocked numerous users and run off along with their cash when they have actually supplied this evidence. She’s sat on items that individuals have taken care of, for months and frequently months. She’s got run down that she will block them if they try to get their products when they want it, because everyone is on her time with her members money after they have asked her to provide them what they paid for, and then ranting on social media about how she does not care that a customer has paid her.

She’s create a spouse college mentorship system, with numerous women that have actually paid a huge selection of bucks to have mentored but simply to be met because of the mentors ignoring them and never supplying mentorship solutions, but, nevertheless collecting funds.

She’s got threatened individuals with black detailing them from her movement people

Who’ve paid their hard earned cash, numerous paid thousands, for products they paid for, don’t make public apologies to her and her mentors, give her a less than perfect review of her products and teachings, has a business that she feels might be in competition with something she is doing, talks down on her members, the LGBT community, single mothers, children from single parent homes, those who are not wealthy, rich and more, there has been no end to her disrespect and thievery if they question her, ask her!

For too much time gents and ladies have already been afraid in the future ahead and remain true to her, away from fear, if they speak up, and black list them from her movement to be out thousands of dollars because they have spent thousands of their hard earned money, have provided her with their addresses, ID’s, and other sensitive information that she makes members submit before joining, and they have feared that she would use all of this against them.

People of her company have published ex people Drivers licenses online when it comes to general general public to see, in the event that known user will not fall consistent with what they’re told, or if they don’t agree.

She notifies her mentors to gather funds from clients underneath the table through PayPal by having funds delivered as relatives and buddies rather than as products or services. This enables them in order to avoid providing refunds, therefore the legalities of the legit company. She’s got stated that this woman is moving away from PayPal and social media marketing as an app that is brand new new re re re payment system to escape the legalities of business, America and Twitter. It really is only apparent under the table dealing within her new website and app that she uses as her own social media platform to promote that she has continued her.

Rokisha Eloris Cutno has stalked, harassed and also threatened her own people. She’s offered users ultimatums which they either must select her side or get booted once they have actually spent thousands.

We now have begun our reports into the Federal Trade Commission to possess her BlackwealthU.com, her rootsofroyals.com along with her app that is mobile shut, all her accounts and PayPal’s that she actually is utilizing to simply simply take money turn off

We have been petitioning fro most of the men and women whom would not feel they are able to come ahead prior to.

Our company is petitioning for all your solitary moms who may have had their difficult money that is earned

Our company is petitioning for several army partners, veterans, and people who will be nevertheless active whom have experienced their cash taken by her

Our company is petitioning for all your women that have already been threatened by her

Our company is petitioning for the cash that has been lost to products NEVER received

We have been petitioning for the money lost to mentorship never ever gotten or ignored

We have been petitioning for those who she made feel ended up beingn’t good adequate to become some body essential

Our company is petitioning for anyone who’ve been slandered by her

Our company is petitioning for anybody whom got deceived

We’re petitioning to SHUT HER DOWN, each of her sites and software

Our company is petitioning for the money taken become RETURNED!

Our company is petitioning for all that is confused about whom to make to have assistance. Study from that which we experienced it, there are other honest organization that can help you with her, its not worth.

We’re petitioning for the young ladies who might have discovered her and tend to be from the fence about offering her their difficult earned cash

We are petitioning to reveal her lies,

It has to end. Lots of women and males head to here with open hearts searching for genuine switch to fix their marriages and build delighted families, and then be mistreated and taken from

We have been calling to use it, for CHANGE, for the Federal Trade Commission, the greater company Bureau, Federal Bureau of research Web Crime Complaint Center to do this and shut her internet web sites and DOWN that is app restrict someone else from having their funds taken!

Join with us and also the victims by ukrainian brides signing this petition to possess BOTH her sites blackwealthU, rootsofroyals and her software turn off, so NONE of this occurs to anybody again!

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